The Perks of Being Wall Decor

A house isn't a home if the walls are empty

Isabel Senior

Feb 3, 2021

Let's talk about walls!


Even if you've got furniture down to a T, no home looks complete with glaring empty walls. Unfortunately, posters from college are not going to cut it. Wall decor gives you the opportunity to create a unique and personal space. Even if you have a minimalist style, bringing in a few pieces will make such a difference. Wall decor adds texture and makes the room feel intentionally designed if you get it right.

With a large blank wall, the options may seem overwhelming, but have no fear! These 5 ideas can make your space feel like home.  

1) Gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great way to bring in personal flare. Whether you go with framed photos from your life, framed movie posters from your favorite films, artistic prints you love, or abstract art with a consistent color scheme, don't be afraid to vary sizes and layout. When you begin tackling your empty wall, consider starting with the big pieces. Then, once you have the larger images down, begin seeing how smaller items can integrate into the design.


If the prospect of designing a layout and choosing frame sizes is overwhelming, a gallery wall frame set may be the right option for you!

2) Mirrors  

Not only do mirrors make a space look larger, but they also brighten up a room! If a light is in the frame of focus for a mirror, it can reflect off the mirror beautifully. Similarly, if there are items in the room, like plants, that you want to be a focal point, place them where they can be reflected in the mirror. No need to choose between mirrors and art; Consider flanking artwork with identical mirrors.  

If you incorporate sharp lines and contrasting colors into your design, go with a mirror with a square or rectangular frame. A frame that matches your color scheme, or even a frameless mirror, would go great with a modern or minimalist style.  

If bohemian is more your look, stick with rounded mirrors. Gold frames or neutral tones can bland seamlessly into a relaxed style.  

3) Shelves  

Depending on how open you want the space to feel, you can either go for a bookshelf or hang some floating shelves. Get creative with how you decorate these spaces. Fill the shelves with plants, books, or aesthetically pleasing trinkets for a personal and cozy look. Shelves can be incredibly practical, used to store items you want to keep in that room. If you want to keep the space more minimal, consider adding fewer items and keeping the items neutral and simple.

4) Statement Art

Keeping it simple with one statement piece can be enough for a space, especially if you have intricate molding, shelving units, a fireplace, or other permanent structures on the wall. If you have a smaller print, consider choosing a frame with a bigger mat, making the piece look large and intentional, not small and awkward. Consider art that fits with your color scheme, or if you want it to stand out as a focal point for the space, go with something bold that contrasts the rest of the room.

5) 3D Structures  

Who said art had to be 2 dimensional?! Bringing in art that protrudes from the wall adds dimension and texture to a space. This could be 3D panels that stretch across the entire wall, ornate ceramic plates in the kitchen, or a statement piece made from wood or metal, depending on your style.


No matter what piece you choose, make sure it is something that fits your personal style and makes you happy. After all, you're the one who is going to enjoy the view!



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