Simple Steps for the Capture Process

The simple guide to mastering the Realize Design App Capture Process.

Isabel Senior

Jul 27, 2021

You’ve moved, or you’re doing a home makeover, or maybe you just want to imagine how your room could look before you start re-decorating. What better way to start than to edit your room virtually?

Let’s get you set up with the Realize Capture process, the simple steps to re-create your room in 3D, so you can get to the fun stuff: designing. If you're more of a visual learner, feel free to check out our capture process guide video.

If you haven't already, download the Realize Design App in the App Store.

1. Floor Capture

Instructions: Point your phone at the ground as you walk around the room.

Tips: Before you get started, close all your doors. White dots will appear on the floor, once they turn green, that means it’s working. No need to walk around your room entirely: just start in the middle and your phone will tell you when you’re all set and can continue on.  

2. Corner capture

Instructions: Point the white box on the screen at the bottom corner of your room, where the wall meets the floor. Tap the screen when your camera is positioned correctly. Walk around to each corner, in order, dropping the little grey boxes in the corners.  

Tips: Don’t forget about convex and concave corners. If something is blocking a corner, don’t worry! Just point the white box where you think the corner would be behind whatever is blocking it. The closer you can get to the corner, the more accurate your layout will be.  

3. Room Height

Instructions: Capture an unblocked corner of the room again, the same way you did with corner capture. Then, capture the ceiling corner directly above.

4. Wall Texture

Instructions: Fill the screen with a well-lit and uncovered section of the wall. When the entire screen is taken up by unobstructed wall, tap the screen

5. Floor Texture

Instructions: This step is the same as step 4, but with the floor.  When the entire screen is taken up by unobstructed floor, tap the screen

6. Feature Capture

Instructions: Stand directly in front of a feature in your room (window, door, open doorway, or fireplace). Make sure the entire feature is shown in the screen. Then, tap the screen. You can choose what type of window, door, or fireplace the feature is.  

Tips: If your window is not being detected, try pulling up the blinds. If a window is detected as a door, swipe all the way to the left, and you can switch out feature type.  

You made it through the capture process! Happy Designing.  


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