Lights, Camera, Action!

Maybe the only upgrade you need is the perfect lighting?

Clare Downey

Feb 3, 2021

If you’re anything like me, you might get thrilled about the perfect ottoman or painting—that personal addition your space has been lacking. However, in order to let your standout pieces shine, you need good lighting. Whether you want your space to be moody and cozy or light and airy, lighting is crucial to achieve that look.


Nothing is scarier than a single fluorescent bulb, mainly featured in basements from horror films. Let's make your space less Silence of the Lambs and more yoga studio. Regardless of room size, desired feel, or budget, we’ve got lighting for every room.


Space-saving styles

If you’re going for a bright and spacious look but don’t have the square footage to match it, pendants are your best friend. While you may be used to seeing these over a kitchen island, they can work wonders in any room. Not only do these floating beauties maximize floor space, but they also draw eyes upward, elongating the space.

If you’re renting or trying to avoid shelling out money to call an electrician, plug-in pendants provide all of the look without breaking into the wall or the bank. And, the cords themselves can be styled to add character and visual interest.

Sculptural Sources

Practical sculptures may seem contradictory, but with an interesting lamp, you can get the lighting you need without sacrificing style. Providing evenly dispersed light and structural elements without distracting from the colorful pieces, this floor lamp is a no-brainer.


Organic shapes and artistic design add personality to any space. For an affordable option with a similar vibe, this hanging lamp is eye catching and interesting, all while giving off a cozy, warm light. Just imagine two unique lights hanging together at different heights or framing a gallery wall or painting!

Cozy Looks

Lighting doesn’t have to mean light. By using dark lamp shades and heavier fabrics, you can utilize lighting to create a moody, dramatic atmosphere.

Accomplish this look easily by switching your white lampshades to black ones, which block some of the light and fit aesthetically in your space. If you’re looking for something to fit anywhere, a small lamp might work best for you, but for maximum drama, try a floor lamp like this one.

Alternatively, you may want to try a bulb with lower lumens to achieve a dimmer atmosphere while keeping your favorite lighting pieces from your last place.

Speaking of bulbs...

The finishing touch

Okay, you scored the perfect lamp on sale, brought it home, and… the lighting is still not good. What went wrong? You may have all of the right pieces, but if your bulb isn’t right for the mood you’re trying to create, you will never get there.

No fear, here’s a quick guide:

We all hear about wattage, but you also need to think about color. Color is measured on the Kelvin scale, where lower numbers (around 2000 K) look warmer, while higher numbers (6000 K and up) leave a cool, blue cast. If you’re going for a cozy feel, try bulbs that fall lower on the Kelvin scale. Alternatively, if you want something that mimics daylight, you might choose bulbs higher on the scale. We can’t all be blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows.

This is also a great time to think about what you want out of your bulb. Is it purely functional? Or do you want to add style? If you answered with the latter, look into Edison bulbs, which feature filaments and are super popular in residential and commercial spaces alike.

Lighting is key to creating your perfect space, so before painting your walls, consider simply changing out the bulbs. Maybe that’s the only upgrade your space needs!


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