Plant Style and Care

Improve the environment, my mental health, and my home aesthetic?

Isabel Senior

Jan 26, 2021

New plants can be a great way to spruce up interior design AND boost environmental wellness. Studies have shown that taking care of indoor plants can actually reduce stress (and who doesn't want that?!). If you need any further convincing, according to NASA, houseplants even can eliminate air toxins. If we're going to work from home, or the International Space Station, let's make our home work for us!

When picking your plant and deciding where to keep it, make sure to keep an eye on if it is pet friendly.

We have teamed up with Lively Root for an exciting giveaway November 9-November 13. Check out some of our favorites from their collection. These plants are easy on the eyes and even easier to care for.

The Pothos Plant

If you are looking for a good plant to get you started (and hooked), pick up a Pothos Plant.

They require low to partial light, a perfect addition to your home office or bedroom. And you truly get a bang for your buck with these plants, as cuttings from a Pothos plant can be re-planted in water as new plants.

Place your Pothos on a bookshelf and watch its beautiful trailing vine decorate your space.  

The Money Tree

Wait … this is real?!  

Sadly, money does not grow on this tree, but its beautiful look, simple care, and good luck make up for it. The money tree thrives in bright, indirect sunlight, moderate humidity, and with infrequent but thorough watering.

This plant prefers not to be moved (other than rotated), so let's find its perfect spot. Many choose to keep their Money Tree where they want good luck, like in a home office.

The String of Pearls

Looking for something bold and unique? Pick up a String of Pearls. This succulent is perfect for beginners and will be happy in strong indirect light at room temperature.

Consider keeping your String of Pearls in a hanging pot, somewhere where guests can see its beautiful, "pearl" coated tendrils.

The ZZ Plant

Because this plant is a semi-succulent, used to both extremely dry and extremely wet conditions, the ZZ plant is smart and has adapted an efficient root system. This is good news for you because it means minimal maintenance will keep this baby thriving! Let the ZZ's soil dry out before watering again(this usually takes 1-2 weeks) and keep it in low to moderate indirect light.  

ZZ Plants come in multiple sizes, so consider your options before you choose its spot in your home.

The Snake Plant

There are lots of different snake plants, so while you should keep an eye on the needs of your snake plant, the good news is, they are some of the easiest houseplants. Snake Plants can tolerate many conditions but prefer medium light, low humidity, and low water.

This two-foot-tall plant makes any corner look cozy or a doorway look inviting.


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