Perfect Pillow Pairs

Comfy and cute, affordable and versatile. Is there anything better than a throw pillow?!

Varsha Bansal

Mar 2, 2021

Maybe it’s just me (or my inner 5-year-old telling me pillows will protect me from monsters), but I firmly believe no bed is made without 5+ pillows.

However, pillows aren't just essential for protection and a cozy bed; they are perfect for sprucing up couches or chairs in any room! The pillow possibilities are endless, but we’re here to help you choose the perfect type of throw pillow to make any room “less scary” and totally cozy. Let’s talk pillows.  

Fluffy Pillows

These are a personal favorite! You can never go wrong with a fluffy pillow, especially if you’re going for a more homey or glam look. Even a modern farmhouse or all-white Scandinavian style could use a white fluffy pillow, adding texture and uniqueness.

Why stop at one? Fluffy pillows look great layered, and don't be afraid to mix and match different colors and shapes.

Round Pillows

With their unconventional shape, round throw pillows are definitely eye-catchers. There are plenty of opportunities to get creative with different colors and design patterns. Round pillows look especially great in pairs, and choosing two pillows with the same shape and design but different colors looks intentional and classy.

Graphic Pillows

Ah, graphic pillows — the most versatile of them all. If you have a picture or design in mind, chances are you can find a pillow that matches. Graphic pillows are the subtle touch every style needs. If you've got a coastal look going, throw in some pillows with seashells, turtles, or even a beachy quote. Going for a more bohemian style? Pick out some pillows with lush patterns or warm colors.

Graphic pillows are also the perfect touch for a kid's room or nursery. Picking out pillows is a great way to get a child involved in the design process, and they'll always have their favorite animal or Disney character by their side.

The beauty of graphic pillows is that, with unlimited options, you can choose something that reflects your style and makes you smile.

Lumbar Pillows

While lumbar pillows may not be the squishiest, coziest pillow, they make for a sturdy back rest and certainly add some style. Lumbar pillows look best in pairs, one on either end of the couch. Try to get two of the same lumbar pillows, but if you want to add some more texture or color, add in a few round or graphic pillows. Don't skip out on texture on the lumbar pillows themselves. Monochrome pillows with textured patterns are a great way to subtly add uniqueness to a room.

Mix & Match

Mix and match is the most fun way to decorate with pillows! Assortments of different pillows can add depth to your empty couch or chair.

If you’re anything like me, you can never really settle on one thing and are always looking for small ways to change up your look. Well, mixing and matching throw pillows is one of the most affordable and subtle ways to do that.

To give you an idea: you can use round pillows, lumbar pillows, and graphic pillows together to create a curated and personal look. A room can easily go from minimal to glam with some fluffy or colorful pillows, and if you're tired of that look, just move them to another room!

Throw pillows are comfy and cute, so why not take full advantage of this underrated piece of home decor. Your couch will thank you.


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