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The Realize Team

Oct 18, 2021

If there’s one word that comes to mind when exploring The Inside’s furniture, it’s joy.

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t create the home of your dreams because you can’t find a company with your vision, you haven’t met The Inside. Whether you’re eyeing a Banana Palm Slipper Chair or a Pink Linen Bed frame, these bright colors and ornate pattens evoke a sense of inspiration. This was not by accident. Britt Bunn, CEO and Co-Founder of The Inside, understands how intimidating the interior design experience can be, and strives to turn that stress to inspiration. Interior design has always been a personal passion of hers, and she wanted to share this joy with everyone else embarking on the decorating process.

Britt Bunn, CEO & Co-Founder of The Inside

Lindsey Schmidt, Director of Marketing at The Inside, explains that in order to bring out this joy, there can’t be any rules. No single aesthetic. Today’s audience wants to decorate—and has a knack for it. There’s a real appetite for getting creative in your space. Everyone should have access to self-expression through their home décor regardless of their style. While some people’s dream space may look like bold colors and patterns, others may find joy in muted velvets and cream linens. The Inside aims to accommodate all styles and to empower people to decorate their homes in whatever way sparks inspiration for them.

Lindsey has been surprised by how much her space impacts her wellbeing and mood.And with this realization came bolder choices for her home. Throughout her journey with The Inside, she has had fun experimenting with her personal style. From her navy velvet, blue aviary pillows, boucle ottomans, and olive linen sofa, she has gained confidence and found ways to express her style.

Lindsey Schmidt, Director of Marketing at The Inside

With this much excitement woven into everything at The Inside, it’s no wonder that shoppers are obsessed, too. Britt and Lindsey are constantly hearing expressions like“fall in love” or “this fabric is so me,” from their customers. What would typically be “Ugh, I need a new sofa, I guess I’ll buy this one,” is transformed into a fun shopping experience, resulting in a mood-boosting pieces in their homes.

The Inside is unlocking access to what is traditionally gated for the higher end; lots of patterns, colors, and the ability to customize or mix and match are usually accompanied by steep prices. But with the Inside, customers are utilizing all of the colors, patterns, and customizations to bring to life the gorgeous interiors they see on social media. Rather than searching around on the internet, frantically looking for the perfect zebra bench, you can find it all on The Inside. With so many fabrics, you’re sure to find one that perfectly fits with your style. And your best friend’s, mom’s, and son’s styles, too.

To design your room with The Inside’s furniture, head over to the Realize Design app.


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