A Guide for the Inexperienced Designer

Demystifying interior design for the average jane and joe.

The Realize Team

Oct 29, 2020

You recently moved into your first apartment or house and are hit with a harsh reality: finding your home is only half the battle. It is now time to transform the interior from an empty, cold space into a comfortable, peaceful environment.

At Realize, we use a simple 4 step approach to help you get the most out of your space.


1. Figure out what you’re working with

room blueprint

This may come as a shock, but when it comes to where you live, you get what you get (unless you’re doing a remodel, and then of course we’d love to see your before/after pics!). How much space do you have? Where are your doors and windows? Did you consider the power outlets? Where’s the radiator? Does my chair even fit in that alcove? All these little details matter immensely when you want to get the most out of a room. So get out that measuring tape, sketchbook and pencil and get to work! …. Or just use the Realize app. Your call.

2. Function

pensive woman

Before getting trapped in the snare of online searching and scrolling in a quick attempt to decorate your space, take a second to pause. What is the function of each room in your home? This may be a living room, but do you work from home here too? Home workouts? Is it your gaming station? You have a nice reading chair next to the sofa, but would your bedroom make a better location for that reading nook where you can escape and unwind? Remember, what you call your room is often vastly different than what you need your space to help you accomplish.

Dining Room  --> dinner parties and studying

Living Room  -->  watching movies and playing board games

Bedroom  -->  sleeping and reading

Guest Room  -->  work from home and housing the in-laws

Kitchen -->  cooking and cocktail hours



3. Find your style

collage of various living room styles

Let’s be honest, there’s a million different styles and tastes out there. Don’t worry about putting yourself in a box and labeling your style with a single sweeping category. Find the styles that you are drawn to! We love a good style quiz – take ours in the Realize app – but don’t let that replace a little quality self-discovery. Figure out what styles blend well for you and your space.  Below is our list of styles we use for every piece that you can find in the Realize app.

· Minimalist

· Modern

· Scandinavian

· Bohemian

· Rustic

· Shabby Chic

· Glam

· Costal

· Industrial

· Farmhouse

The best way to figure out what works for you? Try it on, see it in your space and find out which pieces feel like home.


4. Accessorize

minimalist living room decor

This may seem like an unimportant closing of the proceedings, but woahhhhh there Bessie, this is where the magic happens! You have the big-picture items in your rooms, so now it’s time to creatively accessorize. Need a pop of color? Try a plant or a piece of art. Not sure where you’re going to store your copious amounts of blankets? See how a basket might look next to the sofa. Still feeling like this room isn’t quite you? Try a stunning light fixture. This is where a room goes from the “ah-ha moment” of finding your furniture to the “ahhh it’s good to be home” feeling of seeing who you are reflected in your space.


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