Choosing Window Treatments

Choosing your window treatments is as easy as asking the right questions. ‍

Isabel Senior

Dec 02, 2020

Whether you’re curating a bold aesthetic or ensuring cozy privacy, window treatments are your friend. And the beauty is, once you get your windows set up, they add both function and style.

This may seem like a dauting project filled with endless choices. But, I’m here to tell you, choosing your window treatment should be easy if you ask the right questions.

1) What Function is your Window Treatment Serving?

Does it need to block out light and noise? Keep heat in? Or maybe your window faces a street and you need something that increases privacy.

Many opt to hang both blinds and curtains. This ensures the functionality of blinds but allows you to incorporate the aesthetics of curtains.


Let’s choose: shades, blinds, drapes, curtains or a combination.

Shades and blinds are great for privacy and blocking out light.

Shades are made from softer materials, and are generally kept either open or closed. You will need to decide how much light and privacy you want before choosing your shades. The more sheer they are, the more light they will let in, and the less privacy you will have.

Because blinds are made from harder slats, they are more adjustable and can be kept open, partially open, or closed.

Drapes or curtains can also be kept open or closed. Unlike blinds, which are made from horizontal slats, curtains and drapes are vertically hanging fabric.

Drapes are lined, making them heavier than curtains. This means they can provide better insulation and block out more light.

Curtains’ main functions are privacy and style, as they only block out some light.

Let’s choose: fabrics

Sheer fabrics will let in light while providing some privacy.

Denser cotton will keep the room bright, and ensure privacy.

Velvet or wool curtains block most of the light, and can even block noises from outside.

Black out drapes behind your curtains ensure complete darkness.

2) What Look Compliments Your Style?

Blinds and shades can be more subtle, so if you have a lot going on in the room already, or if you are going for a more minimalist look, stick with simple blinds or shades. Keep in mind, blinds with wider slats make windows look longer and can help a small room look more spacious.

If you decide to go with curtains or drapes, you can make the room look taller and more spacious by hanging them 6+ inches above the window frame.

When picking curtain colors, consider the room’s style. If it has an accent color, consider getting curtains in the same color, or in a complimentary color. When making this decision, base the curtain color on accent pieces that are permanent in the space.

If your room is more monochrome, or if a neutral color matches the style, pick out a textured curtain. This creates an intentional complexity without deviating from your room style.

Sheer fabrics that skim the ground match a contemporary look. But if you want to go more traditional, pick out a heavier fabric and let the curtains puddle on the floor.

Have fun choosing your window treatments and don’t forget to share your results with us to be featured on our Instagram!


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