Cheers to Creating the Perfect Bar Cart (No Alcohol Needed)

Plant bar, snack bar, novel bar…. Who says the only bar cart is a boozy bar cart?

Isabel Senior

Nov 9, 2021

The beauty of a bar cart is that it can be exactly what you want it to be, functionally and aesthetically. Who says it has to be a boozy bar cart? Plant bar, snack bar, novel bar…. From cocktail connoisseurs to coffee lovers to book worms, everyone can get enjoyment from this statement piece on wheels.

You may have an intriguing collection of alcohol to show off, and the design process is easy. However, no matter what, you will want to find some key pieces to make your bar cart classy and convenient (and that doesn't even need to include alcohol). Not only can it be matched with any décor, it’s added storage that looks purposeful not cluttered.



Including plants on your bar cart will make any other décor look fresh and alive.  

If you want to rotate décor as the seasons change, go with flowers. Summer sunflowers can be switched out for pampas grass in the fall. Even an empty vase can be an elegant statement and practical for out-of-the-blue bouquets from that special someone.

If you prefer to keep it consistent throughout the year, try arranging succulents or other low maintenance plants.  

The Beverages

creative drink containers

If you want to impress your guests with a broad assortment of drinks, read about the classics of each category. However, while alcoholic beverages are classic for bar carts, feel free to mix it up! This may mean your bar cart becomes an espresso bar, or even an assortment of infused waters. Whichever beverage you choose, don't forget to include glassware that goes with it.  

Statement glasses  

glam drinking glasses

Function is great, but where's the pazazz?! Pick up some statement glasses so your bar cart always has a nice display and is ready for use.  

The Foods 

candy bowls

The best kind of bar is.... a chocolate bar! Just kidding (well, kind of). Don't feel limited to just including beverages on your bar cart. All it takes are some decorative bowls or jars and you can create your very own candy bar. If keeping bowls of candy in your living room isn't your thing (how?!), you can fill bowls with fruit, nuts, popcorns, or whatever snack you want!  


stack of books

This may sound surprising, but stacked books can create an incredibly sophisticated look. Plus, while guests peruse your assortment of foods and beverages, seeing a great book can be a conversation starter!  

Pick your bar cart

bar cart

Last but not least, get yourself a bar cart that makes a statement. Here is a wide assortment of designs to choose from, so choose the one that says something about you! Check out different recommendations based on style preferences:  

Farmhouse: Try something with open wood shelves or steel lining.    

Glam: Experiment with fun shapes to compliment bold style.

Industrial: Galvanized sheet metal for your unique architecture.

Rustic: A classic warm toned wood is just the right amount of cozy.

Minimalist: Nothing says simple and clean like white marble.

Scandinavian: A multi-tiered bar cart with gold and glass. Airy & bold.


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