Advice from the Experts: Stephanie Calderon

Meet Stephanie Calderon!

The Realize Team

Oct 19, 2021

As an interior designer, Stephanie Calderon works with clients who love a range of styles. This is perfect for her, as she loves to get creative and embrace a mix of styles into her own home as well. With her design knowledge, Stephanie is able to help her clients navigate what looks they want to incorporate into their homes and which ones they want to avoid.

We're lucky enough to hear some of her favorite tips!

Stephanie recommends starting by checking out photos that show a range of styles. When looking for inspiration, the goal doesn't have to be "I want my room to look exactly like this." It can be "I love certain things about this room, but also this room, so how can we put these together to make them work?" This allows you to focus on what you like specifically in the photo. Figuring out the details helps Stephanie know which components from different styles she should blend together for her clients.

"It's all about finding the common threads. Whatever speaks to you, embrace it."

For Stephanie, design isn't only about buying new items. She has a knack for integrating existing items with the new. She explains that styling is a huge part of it; it's all about designing with the right decor or thoughtfully playing with height and dimensions of a room. You don't need to get rid of that wood shelf, you just may need to add the right décor in the right places.

"Work with the things you have and love."

Interior design has been in Stephanie's family for years. With a mother who taught her to DIY and a grandmother who owned her own interior design store, knowledge and the love of creating and designing has been passed down to Stephanie through generations. Two of her grandmothers' chairs sit in Stephanie's living room and one in her bedroom. While the original red velvet on its own didn't match Stephanie's space, she was able to add neutral styling to help blend them seamlessly into her space. She loves that they look beautiful, but most importantly that they have a story behind them.

"This is how we make a house a home."

If you want to see more of Stephanie's work, you can find her on Instagram or on her website.


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