Advice from the Experts: Olivia Tati

Advice from the Experts: Olivia Tati

The Realize Team

Oct 22, 2021

As a realtor and home stylist in New Orleans, Olivia Tati has perfected her personal style and figured out how to help others find theirs too.

As Olivia spends her days in beautiful historic homes, each with unique touches, she believes homeowners or renters can draw style inspiration from the architecture of a home. From warm wood floors to distinctive ceilings to ornate fireplaces, understanding the home is fundamental to curating a style.

“The bones of a house shape how the space can be designed."

This is good news! Olivia finds that most people are attracted to homes that fit their style. If you're at a loss for defining and executing on your style, consider thinking more deeply about the space you've chosen to live in.

If you find yourself moving from home to home, in farmhouse one year and midcentury modern the next, have no fear! Connecting a style to your home doesn't mean you can't weave in different styles or pieces through changing architectures.

Olivia has applied this to her own style. Photographs have been a constant source of decor since Olivia was a child. Even as she moved to new cities, she could count on these personal touches to bring her comfort.

“It’s all about matching and keeping things cohesive while adding a fun flare.”

Olivia ties together colors from the photographs to fit them seamlessly in a new space. She keeps a bright cheery vibe throughout her home but picks 1 color for each room.

When Olivia works with clients to help them discover their personal styles, she asks them how they want to feel when they come home. This is different for everyone, but ultimately what she gets at, is that their style should incorporate what brings them joy.

You may not yet know what architecture you’re drawn towards or what pieces bring you joy, but Olivia explains,

"The key is to be curious."

Look up tons of styles, or even basic searches like "blue living room." Thinking about what you do or do not like will help you define your style. If you only look at one style, you may begin to think that it is your style, but it's important to stay open and curious and see if you connect with new styles too.

As you navigate your style, it's rare to just have one style.

“Everyone is a bit of everything and it’s all about figuring out the perfect balance of what speaks to you.”

Have fun styling and check out Olivia’s home and work on her Instagram or website.


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