Advice from the Experts: Genny Nicchi

Meet Genny Nicchi

The Realize Team

Oct 21, 2021

As an interior designer and home stylist with a background in fashion, Genny Nicchi has an eye for finding trends and integrating them seamlessly into any home. She has gathered design inspiration from places she has traveled but finds she doesn’t always have to go far to explore new styles. As a New York native, Genny has observed looks on the runway or on the streets of New York City for years and finds overlap between what is up-and-coming in fashion and home design. She is constantly finding sources of inspiration around her.

But the process of navigating style can feel challenging. It's hard to know where to begin. Genny recommends looking at a range of looks and furniture and keeping track of details you are drawn towards.

"Style is hard to define, so it's a lot easier to break it down into what details people do and do not like."

Genny finds this method especially helpful when working with clients who clients live together and who may have contrasting styles. Looking to the details helps Genny blend styles with curated details instead of choosing one style.

Even as a child, Genny found style inspiration from her surroundings. Her parents collected antiques, so she has vivid childhood memories at antique stores and estate sales. As Genny decorated and re-decorated her bedroom growing up, she became used to styling around older armoires and classic wood. She has honed this skill of weaving the old with the new and resonates strongly with the up-and-coming warmer style which uses new pieces to highlight antique fixtures.

"Ultimately, design should be fun."

And Genny makes it fun! She loves to experiment, play around with new styles to see what she likes, and do research to help her understand components of different styles.

If you want to check out more of Genny's work, you can find her on Instagram, or on her website.


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