Decorating for Fall

Isabel Senior
October 6, 2020

Why is there pumpkin spice everywhere?! It's only July.

Oh wait...

While enjoying the last of warm weather before hunkering down at home, it's easy to forget the changing seasons. But if we are going to spend the coming months WFH it may as well be in the autumn wonderland we deserve.

We don't all have time to carve an Instagrammable Jack-O-Lantern or want to spent a crazy amount of money on seasonal décor. Good thing there are plenty of Fall décor items under $20 that may even transition into the colder months (dare I say winter?).

1. Baskets Galore

decorative baskets

What's better than practical décor (correct answer: nothing... except puppies?). Woven baskets bring in the warm, earthy tones that scream Fall, or sing it in smooth jazz. These baskets make a great centerpiece, or bring in natural hints of autumn when placed on open style shelves. Load them up with apples, dried corn, or miniature pumpkins from your local grocer and you have the perfect Fall décor!

Plus, with a handful of pinecones or ornaments, these baskets can be brought into Winter.


2. Fall Florals

fall florals in vases

As it gets colder, it's time to bring nature's beauty inside. There are a couple ways to incorporate fall florals into your home décor. If you like traditional bouquets, begin to gravitate towards burnt orange, muted pinks, mustard yellow, and deep reds. However, fall florals doesn't need to include just flowers. Pick up some autumn orange artificial berries or faux pampas grass.

3. Tech backgrounds

autumn trees

As we adorn our house in fall décor, let's not forget tech design! An autumn themed, warm colored desktop background can be the perfect complement to your newly festive WFH office.

4. Scented Candles

scented candles on table

Breath in and think of fall. What smells come to mind? Pumpkin? Cinnamon? Cider? Whatever scent you land on, there is most certainly a candle for that. The visuals are important to get into an autumn mood, but involving the other senses will complete the vibe.

5. Plaid Reusable napkins

fall plaid table accents

Super cute AND good for the environment? Count me in. Plaid cloth napkins, are a must this fall. With lots of take out in the future, this home décor will come in handy.


6. Pull Out those Warm Tones

cozy blanket draped on couch

The beauty here is that you may not even have to spend a dime! It's time to venture into your obligatory storage closet, filled with old throw blankets or tablecloths you used five years ago or never unpacked from a move, and forgot you even own. If you find any items that have warm tones like oranges, yellows, reds, or cream, it's time to shop in your own closet. Swapping out a blue throw blanket for an orange one can bring autumn into your home for free.

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