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Retailer FAQs

What if I don't have 3D assets?

We have solutions to onboard and get you set up with some 3D version of your favorite SKUs. We want to lower the digital barriers between you and consumers, so don't be nervous if your company doesn't have experience in AR/VR or 3D modeling.

What do I need to do to get my furniture into Realize?

If you already have 3D assets, then we'll just need to set up a call with your department to understand some of the technical aspects to your data and models. Our goal is to make the process "implementation light" (meaning we do all the work!).

Will I have access to analytics to better understand my consumers?

Yes. As a retail partner on the platform, you will have access to broad-based statistics to better understand how consumers are interacting with your furniture, designing and shopping.

Who is able to design on Realize

Anyone. Realize is built with the "grandma rule" in mind. We don't create technology that our grandmothers couldn't use and enjoy. Our tech is still robust enough to handle the imaginations of our most creative users, and we are always listening for ways to add features and grow functionality in a way that gives people more creative freedom.

Can our designers use Realize to help their customers?

Yes! We have social and sharing functionality built in so that your designers can connect and assist consumers in tackling big projects, daunting design challenges or just weigh in with their professional expertise, when needed.